Mini Sessions 2022

Yay! If you are reading this you have managed to nab a spot for my Mini Sessions in November.

This page will hopefully give you all the info you need!

It is finally time to lock in times and dates, get those contracts signed and invoices sent so that we are allll ready to go!

Scroll through this info and have a read, then get in touch down the bottom so we can lock it all in!



  • 20 minute session

  • 15 digital downloadable images

  • $200.00

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The purpose of these Mini Sessions is to provide loyal clients the opportunity for updated family photos in the lead up to Christmas without the cost or commitment of a full session.

Mini sessions are just that, mini. They are at a substantially shorter duration, lower cost and image quantity, therefore the experience is different to a regular session.

Having said that, you will be extremely surprised with the magic we can capture in just 20 minutes.

Date & Time

Thursday 3 December

Your allocated time will be sent via email.


Picnic Point Reserve
475 Princes Way, Longwarry North VIC 3816

Picnic Point Resrerve is an area of established trees and fallen logs with a creek running through. If you're a local, the choice of this location might shock you, as it first did for me too. However, I have used this reserve for a number of photoshoots and still cannot get over it's natural and earthy tones, the amount of different areas we can use there, and the convenience of adequate and safe car parking, public amenities and a playground for the kids.

All images used on this page are taken at this location.



All payment details and due dates will be displayed on your invoice and contract.

Payment must be made before the due date or your session cannot go ahead.


Where do we meet:

Please arrive at least 5-10 minutes early and be ready to go at the start time of your session.

As sessions will be running back to back, any late arrival will cut into your session time.

When you arrive, we will likely see each other as the car parking is all very central so feel free to wait near your car, or by the playground. If I am finishing up with the session before yours, please keep a respectful distance.

What should we bring:

As a photographer my aim is to capture the love and connection within your family. The little traits and quirks of your kids. We do not need a whole lot outside of that.

If you wish, you can bring along a blanket or rug for your family to sit on in some shots or to snuggle together in, hats or other accessories to compliment your outfit, aesthetically pleasing toys (not too bright or colourful) to entertain young children, and potentially snacks for your children after the session. 

What should we wear:

If you are intending to use these images as Christmas gifts or Christmas cards you are more than welcome to dress in Christmas themed clothing... you can go as subtle or as bold as you wish.

You may also dress in non Christmas themed clothing too.

You've all been clients of mine before and all dressed beautifully!

Like I always say, first and foremost make sure you are comfortable and feel good in what you are wearing.

You can contact me anytime for more outfit advice if you are feeling stuck!

Can other family members be involved:

Given the short time frame, these sessions are designed for immediate family only.

If you wish for an extended family session or to include more family members please book the relevant session once my bookings are open or join the waiting list on my website.

Can we bring our pet:

You are welcome to include your family pet, however please be mindful that organising and handling your pet may take time away from the already short session. 

If you do decide to bring a pet, it is a good idea to bring an additional friend/family member not taking part in the session to help look after the pet.

What if my children do not cooperate:

The beautiful summery months mean sunny warm nights, but along with that comes the later time frame for sessions... it's all about the lighting, which plays a big role in the outcome of your images. I know later sessions can be nerve racking with young kids, I want to assure you they are worth it!

My sessions are child led, so there is no pressure for your children to behave or act a certain way. The best thing you can do, is remove any expectations on them and focus on what their desire is in the moment, if they want to be silly and playful get silly and playful with them, if they want to snuggle and cuddle embrace that.

What if the weather sucks on the night:

Another reason I'm getting in nice and early, if we are unlucky with the weather a new date the following week will be set, your allocated time will remain the same.

What if I need to postpone or cancel:

Previously I have always been very relaxed with cancellations and postponements, however as it often takes away the opportunity from another client and results in loss of income I now will need to stick to all terms and conditions. These have been put in place to protect us both.

Terms and conditions are outlined in our contract, you will receive this once you have confirmed your booking.

No bookings can go ahead until the contract is agreed upon.

When will we receive our images:

Your gallery will be available early December. This will give you time to choose and print any images you intend to use for Christmas gifts and cards.


What's Next?

Invoice, Contract and Questionnaire emailed

Soon you will recieve your invoice, contract and questionnaire with your time and date info!


Payment must be received by the due date for your session to take place.

All details are on your invoice, but if you have further questions let me know.


Arrive to your session and we will have a great time and capture beautiful moments to look back on forever!!


Let's chat

Any questions or concerns?