Hi everybody,

Straight to the point - I think getting to know your photographer is crucial.

Here's why;

I go into peoples' homes in the first few days of them welcoming their first baby, when they haven't quite figured parenthood out yet. I frolic in paddocks and parks with families and their young kids. I attend your engagement party to capture your love story, and great gran with all the grandkids.

I want to see your connections, your love, your inside jokes, all the things that are going to make you smile and laugh now, and warm your heart looking at your images in the years to come.

I want your gallery to be intimate, personal and meaningful.

How can I expect you to be comfortable showing your true self with a stranger?

How can I expect you all to open yourselves up if I'm not willing to open myself up to you as well?

I find 'About Me' sections hard. I always write them too long, I can't condense them down. I'm more than a paragraph of words. I am more than the facts I can list.

Before Momentary Visuals I used to keep an online journal. I love to write!

Recently I put a question box up on my Instagram story for suggestions what to include in an updated 'About Me'. The responses blew me away, they were so in-depth that an instagram post didn't seem worthy. It inspired me to blow the cobwebs off my old journal and share it with you all.


More photography related content coming soon.

Thank you,